Tina Heine

© Bernhard Müller


“Think differently about cultural formats, stimulate scientific discourses and set social impulses – the focus of my work is the exchange with people and networking among each other.”

As the initiator of the ELBJAZZ Festival in Hamburg, I know that you can make great visions come true. To inspire people, to carry them away through curiosity about the unknown and through my own passion – that is the motivation of my work. We cannot determine our future, but we can shape it. For this, we need communicative spaces and publics. Creating these is an essential core competence, whether as curator of Jazz & The City in Salzburg, the contemporary art and performance festival SUPERGAU, as host and moderator of the weekly discourse format ZWISCHENRAUM or as a lecturer at the university. [More about me]

Working with us | Since 2016, we have been working in my studio for ZEITGENOSSEN at the intersections of art, culture and science as well as performative urban and regional development. In doing so, we also advise institutions and municipalities in creative processes. Our approach is not formalistic, but thrives on conversation, observation and attentive listening. Mixed teams, interdisciplinary work with competent partners and a strong network are our success factors. Since 2020, the ZEITGENOSSEN have also existed in Salzburg. You need concrete help with the production of cultural formats or events? Send us a message.