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Tina Heine
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Private | Hamburg has been my home since 1994, where I opened the HADLEY’S Bar in 1996 in the Grindelviertel at the age of 23. From the beginning, I wanted to create a space where you could spend a good time with good people. Until today I am a passionate hostess – whether for a small circle of guests in my bar or for 20,000 festival visitors. The fact that I became a mother at the age of 24 seems to be a challenge from the outside, but in fact my two daughters – now grown up – are always a source of strength and inspiration for me.

Vision | My conceptual work thrives on my enthusiasm for art and culture and my interest in new, unusual formats in the field of tension between improvisation and confidence. I bring like-minded and dissident people together and awaken the desire to develop something new to transform existing things. By thinking through and running through processes I would like to create spaces for special encounters and give our society meaningful impulses for constructive coexistence.

Lectureship |Since years I am a lecturer in Festival Management and Audience Development at the Institute for Culture and Media Management at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg and at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg. Here I am in constant contact with a generation that continues to give me new impulses for my way of working. I like to share my experiences and expertise in my seminars, lectures and discussions.

Keynotes, Moderations and Panel Discussions | A Selection

2019 Jazz & Politics Paneldiscussion | Jazzinstitut Darmstadt
2019 Is art responsible for the mistakes of it’s creator? Paneldiscussion | Filmfest Hamburg
2019 “Connecting a city´s identity with jazz” – Audience Mobility and Cultural Tourism in Europe, Conception and realisation of the conference | Organizer: European Jazz Network| Kunsthaus NEXUS, Saalfelden, Österreich
2019 „Here to stay“ Keynote | Work Vision Bar Camp | Techno-Z, Salzburg
2018 „ Creativity, improvisation and complicity “ Keynote | Ideenmeisterschaft #MitteBremen, a project on the future of Bremen’s city centre initiated by the City of Bremen and investor Kurt Zech
2018 „Think Different- how creativity can transform the public sector“ Panel Discussion | ZEIT-Stiftung as part of Creative Bureaucracy Festivals,  Berlin, Organizer: Der Tagesspiegel
2017  „The essence of improvisation is confidence“ lecture | Universität Salzburg in cooperation with Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, Focus on science and art
2016 „Elbphilharmonie – Innenansichten aus dem Leuchtturm“ A talk with Christoph Lieben Seuter, general director Elbphilharmonie | kulturklubHH, Hamburg
2016 „Die Stadt als Marke – Events: Auf den Inhalt kommt es an“ Panel Discussion | Stiftung Lebendige Stadt, Städtekongress, Düsseldorf
2016 „Zur Sache Hamburg: Die Elbphilharmonie als Wille und Vorstellung“ Panel Discussion | DIE ZEIT, Bucerius Kunstforum, Hamburg
2014 „Connecting A City’s Identity with Jazz“ TEDxLugano | Lugano
2014 „Negotiation Theorie and Practise“ lecture | Kühne School of Logistics Hamburg
2013 „Dialogue between culture and economy“ Panel Diskussion | Handelskammer, Hamburg
2013 „Focus on European Jazz“ lecture | Jazz Connect Conference, New York
2012 „The gender question in culture“ lecture | F.I.M. Frauen im Management, Handelskammer Hamburg
2011 „Financing of festivals“ lecture | Culture Meets Economy, EURAC, Bozen
2010 „Shaping the sound of the city“ (Culture, tourism and identity) lecture | Kulturinvest Kongress, Berlin

Committees, juries and others | A Selection

2019 Member of the Jury, NASOM music newcomer programme, MICA Wien
2018 Member of the jury for the one-year scholarship Musik für das Land Salzburg, Department of Culture
2017 Expert Board on Culture and Tourism | Kultur Entwicklungsplan Land Salzburg KEP
2017 Member of the Jury, Polish Showcase, Jazzahead Bremen
2017 Member of the Jury, NASOM music newcomer programme, MICA Wien
2015 Member of the Jury, Danish Music Award, Kopenhagen
2014, 2015 Member oft he Jury, Promotion of jazz series, Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg
2014 Mentor, Impact Circle for social innovations, BMW Stiftung
2013-2017 Member, Kultur- und Wirtschaftsausschuss, Handelskammer Hamburg
2012-2016 Board, Hamburger Tourismusverband e.V.
seit 2012 Advisory board, Hamburger Volksbank
seit 2011 Member, European Jazz Network
2010 Member of the Jury, Hans Musikpreis, Interessensverband Hamburg Musik, Hamburg
2009 Training, Wagnis Wachstum Wettbewerb, Common Purpose e.V.Hamburg, Leadership Programm
2009 Training, Konfrontation Zukunft, Common Purpose e.V. Hamburg, Leadership Programm
2009 Training, Verantwortung erkennen, Common Purpose e.V. Hamburg, Leadership Programm
2008, 2009 Speaker and Mentor, „Your Turn“, Project for socially committed young people, Common Purpose, Hamburg

Published Portraits and Interviews | A Selection

2020 Festivalmacherin über ihre Arbeit – “Ich bin eine Schnelldenkerin“, taz, Interview mit Jan Paersch
2020 “Ungewissheit ist nichts, was mich ängstigt“, Apropos Straßenzeitung für Salzburg, Titelinterview mit Michaela Gründler
2018 “Einen Schritt voraus – Die Mozartstadt setzt auf junge Musiker bei Jazz & the City“, Oliver Hochkeppel in Süddeutsche Zeitung
2016 „Die Aussage ‚Hamburg ist so schön‘ macht eine Stadt noch lange nicht zur Kulturmetropole“, Hannah Schifko in Mit Vergnügen Hamburg
2016 „Jazz: Den Menschen die Unsicherheit nehmen“, Samir H. Köck in Die Presse
2016 „Insiderin Salzburg: Tina Heine“,  Daniela Illich in A List
2014 „Die Jazz-Musiker improvisieren zu den Geräuschen der Werft“, Lars Haider in Hamburger Abendblatt
2011 „Tina Heine – ein Leben als Festival“, Hans-Juergen Fink in Hamburger Abendblatt