14.10. – 17.10.2021

Jazz & The City

70 concerts, 30 places, free admission. During these five days, Salzburg’s old town changes in a very special way: with a variety that you can hardly imagine behind the picturesque backdrop. Old garages in Getreidegasse, party cellars in baroque churches, the Mozarteum University and a guitar shop, the Künstlerhaus with open studios, guesthouses and hotels are being redesigned by over 200 musicians* from all over the world.

Instinct, curiosity, spontaneity and an open heart for unexpected encounters with music, good people and good places are the ingredients for a festival that you won’t forget.

At the beginning of 2016, the Altstadt Salzburg Marketing GmbH entrusted me with the task of taking over as its artistic director and positioning the festival even more strongly both nationally and internationally.

01.07. -04.07.2021

Monheim Trienale

16 artists are invited to develop special programs for Monheim. Each of the selected artists represents different facets of contemporary music, but they are united by one thing: the ability and courage to break new ground in the artistic process. This is precisely their mission for the Monheim Triennale.

The organizers of the Monheim Trienale commissioned me with the production management of the festival.


14.05. – 23.05.2021

Supergau Festival

SUPERGAU is an imaginary landscape, a culturally virgin landscape. Supergau needs no buildings, no nostalgia, no tradition. SUPERGAU is a landscape where art is something new, something that still has to find a place, a landscape where anyone can be a viewer and no-one is an expert. SUPERGAU is temporary. Work on and in it will take two years, culminating in a ten-day festival.

SUPERGAU is based on a government initiative. The festival is an important outcome of a cultural developing process for the whole region of Salzburg and shows a special commitment to contemporary art and production.

I am happy to curate and produce the festival together with Theo Deutinger.