Hadley’s Zwischenraum


The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and the noticeable uncertainty and fragmentation throughout society were the reasons for a salon at the HADLEY’S. The aim is to discuss relevant topics with scientists, to awaken a desire for discourse and to rethink our future together with many others. Topics of past salons:

  • Sustainability: How do we imagine the future of our Society? Soziologist Prof. Dr. Sighard Neckel talking with Sarah Tischer
  • orward into the past? Is modern society neo-feudal? Dr. Sighard Neckel (Universität Hamburg) talking with Katrin-Susanne Richter
  • When did progress go out of fashion? Mirko Bass (Leiter Digitalisierung Europa, Nahost, Afrika und Russland, Cisco) talking with Tina Heine
  • Migration and the Perspective of Women – Emancipation, Solidarity and Participation, Zaman Masudi (Verein Frauenperspektiven e.V.) talking with Katrin-Susanne Richter
  • Is the West falling apart? Brexit, Trump and the future of the Peace Project Europe, Dr. Hans-Georg Erhart (Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik) talking with Prof. Claus Friede und Tina Heine
  • The World in Disorder – Reflections on the Poly-Crisis, Dr. Wolfgang Zellner (Institut für Friedensforschung und Sicherheitspolitik) talking with Tina Heine

To the HADLEY’S | From the beginning (1996) my bar, the HADLEY’S in Hamburg, was a place for good encounters. Some flirts led to great love, scripts and song lyrics were written, dinner was and still is a great time to laugh and discuss. In the past there were jazz concerts here, from which the ELBJAZZ Festival was born.

In the immediate vicinity of my office, the HADLEY’S is still a place of my creative work today: the HADLEY’S Salon, die Musiksprechstunde, Jazz vom Plattenteller, discussions – together with the online feuilleton kulturPort.de and other partners I organize cultural, social and culinary events in different facets.

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