Out of the Box

Out of the box
We need time and space to be able to think without space and time.

A think tank on tour.

Not only in times like these, in which a virus is turning our world and our habits and beliefs upside down, but at all times we need spaces for good conversations, formats for learning from one another and the opportunities for sustainable exchange across different disciplines. “Together” must be thought of as integrative and combine as many perspectives as possible.

Impulses, on-site visits, joint meals and project work, artistic interventions and other networking activities are the building blocks of the “Out Of The Box” think tank.
Created many years ago at HADLEY’s in Hamburg, the format has now also docked with the Salzburg Jazz & The City Festival and sees itself as a box that also goes on trips and docks at other festivals and in other cities. The focus of the workshop is the examination of our living spaces, their modes of operation and hierarchies and the potentials of alternative and interdisciplinary cooperation as joint improvisation.

Next stops: Salzburg, Hamburg, Genoa. More invitations welcome!